Serenity Mental Health/Houses Helping Humans – Clinically Driven Transitional Housing Program

Houses Helping Humans (HHH) is a Sober Living Transitional Housing Program that supports people with substance use disorders on the road to their recovery. HHH partners with Serenity Health/Mental Health for an intensive program that includes weekly services to address co-occurring disorders in efforts to obtain the individual’s highest level of functioning.

Direct services are supervised by a Program Clinical Director and House Manager. The program provides free housing to all participants for the duration of their program, and supplies all home and basic need essentials to create a peaceful and stable environment for all. The program will provide assistance obtaining community resources and benefits i.e. SNAP, SSI, or HUD. HHH will assist clients with ID documentation needed to obtain benefits or employment, and partner with organizations in the community for job training and educational workshops such as Hope For Prisoners, Help of Southern NV, NV Partners and Goodwill. In addition, HHH will supply basic needs for indigent clients, which may include food, clothing, basic toiletries, etc. The house manager assists clients with access to welfare programs, grocery shopping, NA/AA meetings, medical/dental appointments, mandated court dates, etc. The house manager also coordinates services for any new participants that have been accepted into the program from referring partners. HHH creates individualized plans that are specific to each client’s needs, and will utilize all necessary resources to wrap the participants with support.

Direct clinical services may include: Substance Use Disorder Individual and Group Counseling, Mental Health Individual Therapy, Medication Management, Basic Skills Training and/or Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Neurofeedback/Biofeedback, EMDR, Parts and Memory, Brief Family Counseling, Recovery Life-Coaching, Life Skills Classes, and Case Management. These services are provided as indicated by the client’s individualized treatment plan and conducted in the home for their convenience. In addition, psychiatric care and medication management is provided off site through Serenity Health/Mental Health, if clinically necessary. Medication Assisted Treatment for substance use disorders is also offered.

The objective of HHH is to provide stability/support to individuals working towards long term recovery. HHH works toward supporting the highest level of functioning for these participants, including attaining self-sufficiency and independent living. HHH believes that the provision of extensive support to these individuals will significantly increase their ability to maintain a long term, independent, recovery lifestyle.
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