Jail Services/Diversion Programs

Serenity Health provides services to current Nye County inmates in both Pahrump and Tonopah jail locations, which include medical, mental health and psychiatric care. We provide 24-hour on-site nursing staff to attend to any medical needs, including some emergency services that can be treated on-site. Our nurses provide daily medication management to all inmates that have medication needs. Medication management is administered by our Medical Team to individually assess and provide appropriate medical care.
We provide a team of licensed mental health clinicians who are available 7 days per week to inmates who need critical psychiatric care. Additionally, inmates can volunteer to participate in individual and group therapy designed to provide rehabilitation and solution-focused based interventions.

Serenity Health provides the inmates with weekly substance abuse treatment, as well as courses on substance abuse prevention to reduce relapse rates and educate inmates on addiction disorders. In addition, we provide medical, mental health, and substance-abuse treatment to current Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees that are housed at the Pahrump Jail location.